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Indus Realty is the best real estate agency in the area of Austin, TX for first time home buyers.Our agents are experienced and knowledgeable of the Austin, TX area and can give you the best guidance if you are not sure exactly what to look for when it is your first time buying property.

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The August 2017 Real Estate News Roundup by MAXAV..

It’s been a rocky month of real estate news. While Austin saw a few signs of improved home inventory, prices in the city and across the nation continued to climb and make it tougher for first-time buyers to find affordable homes.
As July’s statistics poured in throughout the month of ..

A Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing in Aus..

Austin is undoubtedly a hot market for real estate, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Good weather that encourages healthy outdoor activities, a lively music and cultural scene, and a growing tech and startup economy make Austin one of the hottest places to live.

Austin is second most overvalued housing market in..

The city of Austin has the second most overvalued housing market, Forbes reports.
According to data from Fitch Ratings, Forbes reports the Austin market is overvalued by 17 percent with a median value of $286,400. Austin is second to San Antonio which Fitch shows is overvalued by 18.6 percen..

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Indus Realty of Round Rock, TX is the premier real estate company in the area that has luxury homes for sale. Our priority is our clients and we do what it takes to get them the home that they want. We specialize in out of state relocation and will find you the home, apartment or condo that you are ..

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